Thursday, 13 June 2013

Which Is My Samsung Phone Choice?

People like brands - Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, HTC or Apple Iphone to name just a few. Once you have bought a handset from one of the top global mobile smart phone manufacturers, if you like the phone, chances are you willl stick with the brand for your next phone upgrade on your contract.

Me, I started out with Sony Ericsson, then moved to Panasonic, Motorola and now I'm with a Samsung Galaxy.  It is quite a good handset and relatively easy to use, gliding through the menu.  Samsung have become more popular in recent years in my opinion.

I have found that if you overload the phone with too many apps, as with most phones (and computers for that matter), it can be quite a strain upon the memory and you may need a bigger harddrive to manage such apps.

Also be way that they do not automatically update (some do on a daily basis) and eat into your free data allowance each month.

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